RSA Encryption using Private and Public Key

In some projects, there is a need to encrypt some data to prevent hackers to get it. Encryption is one of the ways to achieve data security. Encryption will convert the data in the plain text into an unreadable text called the cipher text. Decryption is converting the cipher text back to plain text. Encryption and decryption are part of …


Collaborate Spring and MongoDB with Morphia (part 1)

As a big framework, Spring provided the way to access data from MongoDB database, called Spring-Data for MongoDB. In this article, I won’t show you how to use Spring-Data, but will show you how to use the Morphia in Spring.

1. What is Morphia?

Morphia is a lightweight type-safe library for mapping Java objects to/from MongoDB:

  • Easy to

CRest, HTTP Invoker with simple annotation

CRest (Client Representational State Transfer or Client REST) is a lightweight JAX-RS compatible framework aiming to simplify the integration of external REST services into java applications.

By using CRest, there is no need for a developer to spent a lot of efforts on the development. You can use annotation to easily create HTTP invoker against the server by specifying URL, …