Java 8

Java 8: What’s new?

Heard about Java 8? Excited about Java 8? Wanna know about Java 8? If so, then you can continue to read this article.

If you have heard about Java 8 then you might noticed people saying that it is going to change the world of Java community and it is going to have many new revolutionary features that Java was …


Beans Scopes in Spring

Bean scope in Spring are scope for a bean managed by Spring IOC container. As we know that Spring is a framework which is based on Dependency Injection(DI) and Inversion of Control (IoC) and provides bean management facilities to Java application. In Spring managed environment, bean are created and wired by Spring framework. Spring allows you to define how …

Oracle Java

Customized Exception Stack Trace in Java

As a programmer, you must be familiar with Java stack trace, isn’t it? If you’re not familiar with exception stack trace, you can learn on how to produce and read the stack trace before you continue to read this article.

Converting a stack trace into a String is done with Throwable.printStackTrace().¬†If desired, a customized stack trace String can …

Oracle Java

Make Your Oracle JDK 7 as Default JVM in Ubuntu

In some Linux distros, the vendor included OpenJDK as the default JVM, but sometime this not what you’re looking for. If you want to use Sun JDK instead, you can follow below instructions:

  1. Purge existing OpenJDK from your Ubuntu:
  2. Add a new repository and install Sun JDK:
Eclipse Juno

Chrome Theme: Tweak Your Ugly Eclipse Juno Look and Feel

Is Eclipse your favorite IDE for Java? If so, then maybe this article will be useful for you. After I migrated to Eclipse Juno, I noticed that the default theme of Eclipse Juno so ugly. See the screenshot of Eclipse Juno’s default theme below:

Eclipse Juno's default theme

Look and feel is something important for me. If the theme is ugly, how can I …