Simple Steps to Enable SSL feature in Apache Tomcat 6

Apache Tomcat

As you can find in previous article about Encryption using RSA with Private and Public Key, this article is simple implementation of encryption in Apache Tomcat. When you download Apache Tomcat 6, HTTPS feature will be disabled by default, and it will use port 8080 as default HTTP port. To make HTTPS run in Apache Tomcat, you have to do following simple steps:

  1. Create a keystore file to store the server’s private key and self-signed certificate by executing the following command:
    On Windows: 

    On Unix:

    and specify a password value of “changeit”.
  2. Enable HTTPS configuration in Apache Tomcat by uncomment the “SSL HTTP/1.1 Connector” entry in $CATALINA_BASE/conf/server.xml


After you did the steps above, you can restart Apache Tomcat to apply those changes. Then once up, you can use try port 8443 as default HTTPS port on your machine.

If you want to make complex configuration, then you need to follow some steps described in this link.

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