TIBCO EMS Sender and Receiver in Java


Same as previous article about resetting Administrator password in TIBCO EMS, this article is still related to TIBCO EMS. Here, I wanna show you how to play with TIBCO EMS in Java. Below code will simulate sending and receiving message to and from TIBCO EMS queue. But before you can do this, please make sure you TIBCO EMS is running fine.

  • Sending message to TIBCO EMS

    Above code will send message to TIBCO EMS on localhost with port 7222 (default port). And below is the output:


  • Receiving message from TIBCO EMS

    Above code will listen every incoming message in TIBCO EMS, and print it in system output, as follow:


It’s really simple, you also can do it just for 5-10 minutes.

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  1. Fabian

    Thanks, this was very helpful!!!!

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